Studio Work

Nick has lots of experience in tracking, mixing, and mastering projects with both analog and digital technology. UC Denver has also given him insight as to how the electronic components, signal flow, and circuitry of numerous different recording and performance devices work.  Nick has participated in recording projects both as a part of UC Denver and as a Freelance Engineer.

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Audio & Recording Skills

Tracking, mixing, mastering, file management & formats, cables and interconnection, editing, effects, processing, sampling, synthesis, MIDI,  Pro Tools, Ableton, Mac OS X & Windows, critical listening, analog and digital domains, drum recording, and many more.

University of Colorado Denver: Recording Arts Projects

  • Finish-Line.mp3     

    Audio Production 3- Mix Project: This project required the sharing of files with peers. Experience with file management, saving, sharing as well as tracking and mixing numerous different instruments.

  • Anything-At-All.mp3     

    Mastering Project: This project gave experience mastering to and audio CD and to DDP files.

  • Original-Fifteen.m4a     

    Audio Production Seminar- Copy Cat: In this project Nick and Jordan Lawler copied the production in the song “Fifteen” by Goldroom. Everything was made from scratch, synths, drums, and all recorded elements.

  • Audio Post Project- Skyfall: In this project Nick and two other students replace all of the sounds, effects, and dialogue in 007 Skyfall. The group incorporated sound effects libraries, foley sessions, and voice over sessions to finish the project.
  • Microphone Shootouts: comparing microphones on vocals, drums, and other instruments.

Freelance Projects

  • Space Junk Demo
  • Melody Lines