Teaching Statement

Nick has a teaching style similar to Suzuki teaching methods, meaning he believes that music can be taught in the same way, and as easily, as your own language. He wants everybody to be able to enjoy playing, especially at a young age. While the ability to read music is instrumental, Nick believes it is more important to be able to feel the music while playing it, and to enjoy doing so. However, having mentioned this, sight reading sheet music and music theory will still be an important part of the lessons.

Nick can play along with the student on their instrument of choice, is able to write personalized sheets of music for each student, and loves inspiring others to play music. Each of these abilities allows the learning process to be customized for each person and their desires. Each lesson will leave the student with ideas to explore, songs to learn, and a genuine musical experience. Feel free to contact him with any further questions regarding scheduling or pricing.

Private Lessons: Nick will travel to you! Lessons in the comfort of your own home.

Drum set lessons: Beginner to intermediate, $35 for a  hour lesson and 25$ for  1/2 hr

  • Groove
  • Reading sheet music
  • Technique
  • Songs of any genre
  • Rudiments and applications
  • Fills
  • Control and coordination

Guitar Lessons: Beginner, 35$ for an hour and 25$ for 1/2 hr

  • Rhythm (right hand)
  • Reading Tablature and sheet music
  • Learning songs
  • Fingerpicking
  • Artistic Devices

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